Every new year, we all vow to do a whole host of things differently that most of us never follow through with. Our hope is that 2021, in so many ways, will be different. We want to help us all develop our core Biblically as we get fit spiritually!

With Core52, based on the book by Mark E. Moore, we will spend the next year looking at 52 passages - 1 per week - that will help each of us:

  • Discover the big picture of God's Word
  • Equip us to study the Bible with clarity and confidence
  • Apply God's Word to our daily lives

Core52 is for both young and old... those who have never cracked open a Bible, for those who have studied it from cover to cover, and everyone in between.

The Core52 book is available for purchase here, but is not required to participate.

The program is designed so that anybody can use it for a time of personal Bible study in 2021. You get to decide how deep you want to dig.

Here's the way the program works:

  • Each Friday, beginning Jan 1, you receive an email with the coming week's theme, scripture reading, and scripture memorization. Take some time over the weekend to read the Bible text. If you have not signed up for our emails, you can do so here.

  • Each Monday you watch a short video essay on that week's subject from author and professor Mark E. Moore.

  • Each Tuesday brings another video from Mark E. Moore, this one helping you memorize the verse of the week.

  • Each Wednesday there are additional Bible verses to meditate on to help give you have a better understanding of the week's theme.

  • Each Thursday there will be a video from our staff and leadership that will be posted on both Facebook and our website to lead you in thinking about practical ways to put what you have learned that week into practice.

  • Finally, for the overachiever, there is an additional scripture verse to learn each week as well!