Following Thanksgiving (11/19/20)

Dear Reidsville Christian family,

This is a difficult letter to write.

Like you, we had all hoped that the pandemic that we have faced throughout most of 2020 would have been under control by now. We had all hoped that we could have resumed our church activities to a greater degree by now as well. But the reality is, the virus has not been contained. Specifically, the number of new cases and the percentage of positive tests are growing exponentially in our area. We can only expect this to accelerate after Thanksgiving.

That said, we are making the difficult decision to suspend our in-person worship services for two Sundays following Thanksgiving - November 29 and December 6. We will meet later that week to evaluate the current conditions. In addition, we are suspending our children's activities for the month of December and, unfortunately, canceling the Children's Ministry Drive-Thru Nativity.

While there will be no in-person worship on those two Sundays, we invite you to worship with us live online at 8:30 AM each Sunday at, or later as your schedule allows. The worship service video will be posted and available shortly after the 8:30 service is concluded.

This was not an easy decision, or do we naively believe that it will be a popular decision. It is, as we wrote to you over eight months ago:

"... not a decision that is made out of fear, but instead, out of love and responsibility for our church family and community. While we would rather meet together, we value the health and safety of the people around us and are committed to do all that we can to respond to this unprecedented situation with confidence, integrity, and faith."

Please continue to pray for us as your leaders. We do not have all the answers, not do we claim to. However, we are continuing to pray for God's wisdom as we shepherd the flock that He has entrusted us with through these difficult times.

And please know that we are praying for you.

Thankful for each of you this Thanksgiving season,

The Elders of Reidsville Christian Church