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When someone is exploring Christianity, or right after they become a Christ-follower, they are often encouraged to read the Gospel of John. Within its pages, the life and ministry of Jesus are put on display. In twenty-one chapters, one can get a good grasp of who Jesus is and what exactly He came to do.

The Gospel of John is for anyone with an open mind who is willing to examine the evidence of Jesus’ life. John’s reason for writing was not to inspire us with Jesus’ miracles, impress us with His teachings, sadden us with His death or even awe us with His resurrection. John wants us to BELIEVE.

We hope that you will join us for the journey in 2021!


Come and See                                                 Sign Language                                               Knowing I AM

(chapters 2-4)                                                   (chapters 5-8)                                                  (chapters 9-12)
January                                                             February-March                                               April

                                    While I'm Gone                                                        Behold Your King

                                  (chapters 13-17)                                                  (chapters 18-21)

                                  July-September                                                    November  

Please note that our Advent series in 2020 covered John 1.